Chaussettes Homme

Socks for men Pier Juan :

"BIEN-ETRE" socks

The Wellbeing range is primarily aimed at those most susceptible. All socks Bien-Être are specially designed to take care of your health and your feet. We put all our technology and expertise at your disposal for your comfort.

Modal Socks

An outstanding:

Like the Prestige line of socks, socks Welfare are presented in a sumptuous black velvet labeling, they are distinguished by a silver colored writing.
This luxurious and refined presentation makes this sock a gift idea for man original and useful.

The specifics of the range:

Crocheted hand for a seamless finish, our socks provide you maximum comfort and no risk of pain for sensitive feet.
In addition, the socks for people with sensitive or diabetic are not resilient to not compress the calf.
The anti-batériennes socks have for their special treatment which prevents bacteria and protects your foot.
Anti-Bacterial Socks

All ours "Bien-etre" socks