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Diabetic Socks / Sensitive legs

Socks for people with diabetes or who have sensitive legs. This sock is not compressing and finishing with a seamless hand to take care of your feet.

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13,00 € tax incl.

  • Spécificités au talon et à la pointe
  • Maille fine en linea 200 aiguilles
  • Autres mi-bas mi-mollet
  • Finition Pointes remaillées mains, finition sans coutures
  • Entretien Lavage en machine, linge délicat
  • Côte Simple
  • Matière 82% Coton, 18% Polyamide

diabetic Socks and legs sensitive />

This sock was specifically designed for people with diabetes or sensitive feet and legs. Fine cotton Socks, she has a seamless hand-finishing, which is designed not to injure the end of your feet. In addition, this sock is uncompressed, without elastic, maintenance is provided through a rating
1x1 Extended Due to its finesse and impeccable finish hand, this sock offers maximum comfort for all.

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