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Pier Juan : Designer socks for men.

hosier Master for over 40 years, Pier Juan put all its knowledge at your feet. Made from the finest materials (silk, modal, mercerized cotton socks ,...), the man socks Pier Juan are known for their extreme finesse and seamless hand-finishing.

01/02/2012 - Saint Valentin's coming soon
For Saint Valentine's day offer a gift box Pier Juan !!

01/12/2011 - AIDS Worldwide day
On the occasion of the AIDS' worldwide day, don't forget to be covered !! don't go outside without your Pier Juan's socks !!!

01/07/2011 - No Prices' increase
For the third year successive, there will be no prices increase in 2011 for Pier Juan!!

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These small details that make all the difference in our men socks :

An incomparable fineness :

Socks for men Pier Juan are characterized by their fine mesh.
All our socks are manufactured on machines operating in "Linea - 200 needles" that allow to obtain the mesh the thinner it is possible to achieve.
Why such a delicacy?
For your comfort: The fine socks have the advantage of being very light and are easily forgotten. In summer, they allow your foot to breathe and let him bring a certain freshness as well. In winter, your foot stays dry because it does not sweat, which is essential to avoid feeling cold.
Of course, in addition to that Pier Juan offers models specifically adapted to different seasons: wool socks for winter, socks silk socks or modal for the summer ...

mercerized cotton socks

An exceptional hand finishing :

Socks man Pier Juan are subject to remeshing by hand for a more thorough seamless finish.
Output of machinery, the socks come in the form of a tube that is necessary to close to its end at level of the toe.
For socks quality standard, this closure is also made to the machine, which creates a seam, or more less thick, unsightly but has often proved particularly uncomfortable.
Only the remeshing technique in hand gives a seamless finish, where only one wire is passed manually through all the stitches for the closure of the sock.
This finish is very expensive and only the socks of the highest quality feature

silk socks

A luxurious presentation, an original gift idea:

Anxious to heal our image in the smallest details, we offer an overview of the most prestigious. Our man socks feature a sumptuous black velvet with labeling:
- a golden writing for socks in the Prestige range
- a silver writing for socks range Welfare

This labeling is based on a technology that Pier Juan is the only one in the world to use and that is the pride of our brand.

Socks offer is becoming a luxury gift idea and most original ...

wool socks
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