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Wool socks for men - cotton

man Socks wool and cotton mixed. All the softness of cotton coupled with the warmth of wool socks for a fine to both warm and breathable. Ideal to wear early fall to late spring.

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  • Spécificités au talon, pointe et semelle
  • Maille fine en linea 200 aiguilles
  • Finition Pointes remaillées mains, finition sans coutures
  • Entretien Lavage en machine, linge délicat
  • Côte Doublée
  • Matière 30% Laine, 68% Coton, 2% Elasthane

Socks Wool and cotton mixed />

This sock is born of the combination of wool to provide warmth and comfort of cotton and to eliminate the best perspiration.

This is a versatile sock designed to be worn during most of the year from October until late March - early April.
In autumn and winter periods, the greatest enemy of your foot is sweating, which generates the sensation of coldness and humidity so unpleasant. Because of its fineness and mix carefully adjusted wool and cotton, this sock fight effectively against cold and moisture. Your feet will stay dry in all circumstances, and this markedly more effective than a thick sock 100% wool.

Like all other brand socks, wool socks - cotton crocheted hand for a seamless finish.

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